Gentec Energy: Generators, Pumps, Hoists, Battery Boosters

Gentec Energy (The Netherlands) offࣴers a complete range of portable, standby and continuous running generators for all kind of users. The program is from 1 – 1200 kVA gasoline- or dieselgenerators. Hardly all generators are designed and produced in Europe or in the Western World. For maximum performance and reliability and high quality, Gentec Energy delivers “the power solution” for industrial applications. Our range of generators has been carefully put together during a long period.

The engines used in our generators are all of well-known brand names , such as Perkins, Volvo, Deutz, Iveco Mitsubishi, Yanmar Hatz, Lombardini, Honda, Yamaha, Robin Subaru, Briggs & Stratton, Pramac. We deliver the generators of our own Gentec brand up to 8kVA with a warranty of 2 years. A wide range of generators you can directly purchase from stock.

Gentec Energy is importer of L’europea hoists. We deliver to dealers. L’EUROPEA range offers models starting from 200Kg up to 1600Kg, fixed directly to scaffoldings or in trestles, also with hoist operation from the ground or jib cranes. For each model we can offere a lot of accessories or configurations.

The series of professional hoists are made in Italy and are equipped with the innovative conical brake. The trust of our reducers and the price / quality ratio has turned into a leading European L’protagonist of the market.

L’EUROPEA also offers hobby hoists for not proffessional work.

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