Required maintenance or annual maintenance is very important.
Maintenance is important to ensure that your generator stays in top condition. After that it is important to change the oil and oil filter every year, when you have a standby generator. When the generator runs every month only half an hour, the generator should run with 50-60% ballast.

Without ballast the temperature of the generator stays to low with the consequence, that you will find a lot of condensated water in the oil which can damage the generator. Also you should inspect the quality of the fuel. With a fuel optimizer the lifetime of the fuel is max. 2 years when the ambient temperature is not to high. For the Benelux we have an efficient service organization for a top condition of
the generators of our clients.


Our 1500 rpm diesel gensets.
The diesel series belong to the most compact designed generators available on today’s market classified as super silent by the most strict European regulations.

The low fuel consumption makes these generators an economic and reliable solution for emergency or permanent power supply in urban areas, construction sites, festivals, farms and rental applications. Up to 33 hours autonomy on a standard tank will give you nothing to worry about.